Charmaine Tam

“I just draw for the subconscious reflection. 

I saw it in my doodles one day in my early teens.  It was a living reflection of everything.  It was personal.  Now over five decades later, it is the same”

- Charmaine

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Charmaine Tam is a musician and artist living in the San Diego area. She was born in Indiana, raised in Wilmette, Il, and received a BA and MA in Jazz Composition and Electric Bass from Roosevelt University in Chicago. She went on to study World Music at the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA. After 7 years in Boston, she moved to Martha’s Vineyard where she lived and worked as a professional musician for 8 years. She then moved to San Diego where she played bass in the house band at the House of Blues from 2003-2013.

Tam began drawing as a teenager but stopped while in school. Music was her focus and it fulfilled her creative need. She rediscovered her love of drawing while living on Martha’s Vineyard. For her, drawing was highly personal and meant for no one else’s eyes but her own. Charmaine came to Amarillo in 2014, where she was encouraged by her brother to share her drawings with others.

Like a sponge, she absorbs the events around her and her art is what pours out. Her drawing is not forward planned, but rather a meditative process through which she works out her subconscious thoughts into outer reality. Her drawing allows her to conceptualize events and see her whole life in one glance from a higher perspective.