Chip Coscia

I have been interested in photography since 1969 when I purchased my first camera. During medical school and in subsequent years as a physician, I did not have the time nor energy to pursue photography as anything more than a hobby.  In 1998, while attending a photo workshop, I realized something was missing in my life. I had a need for the freedom to be creative. Physicians have to practice following prescribed "rules" or we may cause harm to someone.  At the beginning of the workshop I had an epiphany the moment I heard the instructor tell us, "In photography, you have to know the rules, but only so you can know how and when to break them effectively." Since then I have followed my heart more and have pursued photography more vigorously.  I want to share my creative vision. This website is one of my first steps to that end.

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I was born and lived in Memphis, Tennessee until I graduated from medical school.  I did a radiology internship and residency in the Air Force at Wilford Hall USAF Hospital in San Antonio.  I was then stationed in Fort Worth at Carswell AFB to fulfill my 5 year commitment.  After separation from the Air Force in 1982, I remained in Fort Worth where I left general radiology to pursue a career in breast imaging in 1987.  I became the medical director for clinical breast radiology at UT Southwestern from 1993 to 1999.  In 2002 I moved my family to Amarillo to be medical director for the new Harrington Comprehensive Breast Center.  In 2009, I transferred to Texas Oncology to begin yet another breast center and where I practice now.