Sloane Snure Paullus

Fusing a Pop-Art approach with highly traditional engravings of powerful men, this body of work questions traditional signifiers of masculinity and power.  By using the stereotypically feminine media of watercolor and glitter, these paintings illuminate the artifice of wealth, power, and prestige on display in the original images.  A garish palette, make up, and clothing reference the androgyny of Glam-Rock and Hair Metal era, contemporizing the etchings and foregrounding their inherent ambiguity. 

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Using clashing fields of referents, an ornate, mystical aesthetic, printmaking, and glitter, this body of work fuses Baroque and Modernist conventions.  My work is a celebration of the idiosyncrasies, superficiality, and instability of the lines we create between things. The logic of these organizing systems is often taken as a given because their contents blind us to the underlying beliefs and value systems woven into their form.  Our actual experience of the world is a thicket of convergences and densely layered context. My audience is forced into the role of investigator, philosopher, and theorist.  Like Borges, Calabrese, or Foucault, viewers must unravel the Baroque logic binding my work together. My work presents, or refers to a possible order only to emphasize that the order, no matter how beautiful and well-constructed, is ultimately only a scrim through which the world is to be perceived.

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2007-2011  University of Missouri,  Columbia, Missouri 
2003  Wake Forest University,  Winston-Salem, North Carolina 
MFA: Painting, minor Printmaking
BA: Art History.  Minors: Studio Art & Sociology

Selected Exhibitions:

The Larry Show, Curator, George Caleb Bingham Gallery, University of Missouri 
Columbia, MO 
Solo Exhibition, Russell/Projects, Richmond, VA 

Contextus ad Absurdum: MFA Thesis Exhibition, George Caleb Bingham Gallery, 
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Varsity Art XIV: Invitation exhibition, Art St. Louis Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri
Presenting Context: Curated group exhibition, The Craft Studio Gallery, University 
of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
The Showcase Showdown: Annual MFA candidate showcase, George Caleb Bigham 
Gallery, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
Paper in Particular, juried national exhibition, Larsen Gallery, Columbia College, 
Columbia, MO
Catalyst: Group exhibition, alternative space, 819 Polk St., Amarillo, TX
Under Pressure: National Juried MFA Printmaking Exhibition, Shiftspace Gallery, 
Wichita State University, Wichita Kansas 
2008: Following the Leader:  4 Person exhibition,  Gillock Gallery 
2004: Objects of Love:  3 Person Exhibition,  Guadalupe Art Center 
Missouri 50 Competition: 20th Annual Juried Professional Fine Art Exhibit 
Fine Arts Dept., Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, Missouri 
Happy Medium: MFA Candidate Showcase,  George Caleb Bingham Gallery,  
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri 
Chaos/Control:  Group exhibition,  Moberly Area Community College GAFA Gallery, 
Moberly, Missouri
Evanston, Illinois 
Represent!  MFA Candidate Showcase, George Caleb Bingham Gallery, 
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri
Austin, Texas 
ALCA Fall Show:  Amarillo League of Contemporary Artists,  Panhandle Art Center 
Amarillo, Texas 
ALCA Spring Show: Amarillo League of Contemporary Artists,  Illuminati 
Amarillo, Texas 
2003: J. Sloane Snure: Solo Exhibition, Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 
Wake Forest University Student Exhibition:  Juried.  Wake Forest Fine Arts 
Gallery.  Winston-Salem, North Carolina 


2009: Dorothy Rollins Memorial Scholarship,  University of Missouri 
2008-09: Dorothy Rollins Memorial Scholarship,  University of Missouri 


New American Paintings #87, MFA Edition, April/May 2010,  pgs: 88-91 
american-paintings/ receiving-increased-visibility/

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Columbia, Missouri
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