Victoria Taylor-Gore

My stylized soft pastels and miniature paintings depict architectural and landscape scenes with a dynamically distorted perspective. Smoothly blended color transitions add richness and variety to the surface of the work. Soft pastels have proved to be a very fluent medium for me. The technique is subordinate to the content, so I can visualize an idea and bring it to life in my own simplified style. Recently I have also been creating miniature paintings in Holbein Acryla Gouache. The acrylic gouache medium allows richly saturated colors that dry to a wonderful matte surface.  During my MFA graduate work at the University of California, Santa Barbara, I discovered my own simplified geometric style – it just appeared to me, and it has been a very intuitive part of my work ever since. Exaggerated perspective and geometric shapes define my work, and I derive my dream like imagery from memory.  Most of my work involves some aspect of a house in an imagined landscape, with a touch of surrealism as objects and forms tend to take on an implied meaning.  A house can be thought of as a symbol of the self, and often a glowing colored light gives life and spirit to each house.  I also create short surreal films, photography, and digital collages involving symbolic characters set in miniature interiors and landscapes. All of my work shares the same surreal and symbolic quality and the same essential design components…composition, light, color, emphasis…it’s all part of visual storytelling.

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1983-1985: MFA Drawing and Painting University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California 

1978-1983: BFA Fine Art (Drawing and Painting) West Texas State University (Now West Texas A &M University) Canyon, Texas 


Cerulean Gallery, Amarillo, Texas

Alexandra Stevens Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico 

CURRENT POSITION: Assistant Professor, Chair of Visual Arts and Design Department, Amarillo College, Amarillo Texas



- Group exhibition, Multi-Channel: Currents in Contemporary Video Art Exhibition, WTAMU Mary Moody Northen Formal Gallery, Canyon, Texas, February 2015

- Group exhibition, Second Annual Regional Faculty Exhibit, WTAMU Mary Moody Northen Formal Gallery, Canyon, Texas, September 2014 

- Solo exhibition, Shadows of Passion - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow, Alexandra Stevens Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, August 2014

- Group gallery exhibition, Art Gecko Gallery, Amarillo, Texas, February 2014 

- Solo exhibition, Pastorals, WTAMU Mary Moody Northen Formal Gallery, Canyon, Texas, January 2014

- Group exhibition, Art of the New West Exhibition, Process Art House, Amarillo, Texas, October 2013 

- Group exhibition, Art of the New West exhibition, WTAMU Mary Moody Northen Formal Gallery, Canyon, Texas, October 2013

- Group exhibition, Reveal: Current Trends in Art Making, Process Art House, Amarillo, Texas, November 2012

- Solo exhibition, The Power of Suggestion: Views with a Room, Alexandra Stevens Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, July-August 2012

- Group exhibition, Art Gecko’s Grand Re-opening, Art Gecko Gallery, Amarillo, Texas, March 2012

- Group exhibition, Heartfelt Expressions, Alexandra Stevens Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico,  February 2012

- Group exhibition, Arts Pusher Project: A Visual Response to the Poetry of Hunter Ingalls (Invitational), Process Art House, Amarillo, Texas, February 2012

- Solo exhibition, Christmas Show, Alexandra Stevens Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, December 2011